Getting to Bansko

By car hire

Bansko is 170 km south of Sofia.
Big towns, resorts and airports have subsidiaries of the big international rent-a-car companies. There are petrol stations with all types of fuels in all towns and along the motorways.

By air

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By train

If travelling from Sophia to Bansko we recommend travelling by hire car or taxi rather than train. The train takes an enormous detour and considerably more time. However, if time is not a problem the scenery is magnificent and takes you through the highest train station in the Balkans.

By taxi

We do not recommend taking the official yellow taxis to Bansko from the taxi rank immediately outside the Sofia Airport arrivals hall. Often these cars do not have any seatbelts and are not equiped for the roads to Bansko. If you do chance upon a driver that knows the way to Bansko you will likely pay way over the odds.

By bus

The buses to Bansko are of the same standard and quality of a bus in the Uk. Please be aware that in our experience it is not unusual for a particular bus not to turn up and schedules are often a rough guide only! Prices differ depending on the route but are 13 to 14 LEV for a one way journey. The timetable as of July 2007 is as follows:-

Sofia Central Bus Terminal to Bansko - 07.30, 08.30, 09.45, 13.15 (not Sun), 14.00.

Sofia Zapad Bus Terminal to Bansko - 10:30, 13:40, 13:55, 15:25.

Sofia Ovcha Kupal Bus Terminal to Bansko - 07:00, 09:20 (not Tues), 10:30, 11:50 (not Sun), 13:05, 13:55, 14:30, 14:40, 15:10, 15:28 (not Tues), 15:55, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30.

Bansko Bus Terminal to Sofia - 05:40, 07:00, 08:40, 13:15, 15:20 (not Tues).

Please check with the Sofia bus station prior to travel.


Approx. distance from Istanbul, Turkey – 600 km

Approx. distance from Thessaloniki, Greece – 220 km

Approx. distance from Belgrade, Serbia – 650 km

Approx. distance from Skopje, FYROM – 200 km

Approx. distance from Bucharest, Romania – 600 km